Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Snow day 5 today and it just started snowing again...looking like there won't be any class all week, and of course Monday is President's Day so no class then. This is shaping up to be Winter Break Part II.

In the mean time, I've been catching up on my online TV. Thank God for the world wide web, what were snow days like without it?!? Anyways, if you have about eight minutes to spare, check out the first section of Jon Stewart's Monday night show. He does a segment called "Amerigasm" in which he claims that last week's tea party convention coupled with the Super Bowl Sunday AND Reagan's Birthday is enough to give any patriot an Amerigasm. He also addresses the absurdities of last week's tea party convention, including the opening speaker's supposition that Obama was elected by people who couldn't spell the word 'VOTE'... Cut to a series of mispelled tea party posters including one that says "No Pubic Option". I love Jon Stewart.

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