Monday, January 11, 2010

And so it begins...

When I got to George Washington University two days ago, I felt like a freshman all over again. I was learning my way around campus and around the city and realizing I didn't know anyone, nor did anyone know me. It's a feeling one should only be forced to encounter once in a lifetime, but I seem to have come back for round two. Add that feeling to the freezing cold, my lack of a social life around this town, and the demanding work load I found out today that I'd be slammed with this semester, and I guess you'd call me a glutton for punishment.

I've countless times been asked why then am I doing this to myself, by people who often follow up with a subsequent sigh of disgust or confusion with my interest in the corruption, scandal, and misery that most perceive the world of American politics to be. I'm not going to argue that politics is anything if not all three of the above mentioned accusations, but honestly that's why I love it. 

Journalists have the ability and responsibility to act as an intermediary between the chaos that is the political world and the reality that is the constituency, filtering out all the Grade A Political Bullshit in the process. Not only can political reporters, take a several-hundred page piece legislation and break down the fine print of the legal mumbo jumbo into a digestible piece of informative news that the average American can understand, but they can also present this convoluted policy in a way that emphasizes its importance to the people whom it will actually be affecting. Truly effective political journalism even has the ability to go one step beyond simply informing and actually foster a sense of political activism that triggers action. In many ways, the news media can even be said to have legislative agenda-setting power. All of this plus covering the inevitable juicy political sex scandal every once in a while, and you've got my dream job. So in response to the why the hell am I here question, I say: what politically-enthused, 20-year-old girl wouldn't love to be interning at NBC Network News in Washington DC?

So much more to say, but the first day of classes has left me exhausted, so stay tuned. Also, it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow morning....I'm simultaneously excited and absolutely dreading walking to class.

Goodnight from the Nation's (soon to be snow-covered) Capital.

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