Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big League

A LOT has happened this week. First of all, Tuesday night I had class in the Hart Senate building in Senator Al Franken's office. His Chief of Staff, Drew Littman, taught our class that night and spoke of Franken's transition from actor, comedian, and writer to hard working democratic senator. Littman told us that Franken is one of the most dedicated, hands-on, hard-working, and genuine politicians in congress, but also described the daily struggles of having to mitigate the natural comedian in Franken at times when jokes just aren't appropriate. My favorite story was Franken trying to write a letter to a 110-year-old constituent for her birthday that said "you have a bright future". My personal opinion is that there actually isn't enough humor in politics.

I also became an official member of THE coolest library in the world, The Library of Congress. It's so top-security you have to apply and get an official "reader" card just to study in there...but so worth it. Just this reading room alone makes me want to study in it every day.

As you can see, I've also started my internship this week. The above picture is a first day pic outside the parking lot (that's for you mom). It takes two metros and a ten minute walk to get there, but so worth it. The first day we took a two hour tour and I kept thinking, "I'm not in Kansas anymore" and by Kansas I mean local news, but not kansas local news, obviously.

Yes, I took a pic of my intern credentials like a totally over-eager nerd. But seriously, how cool? Anyways, I've only had one official day (today) but I can already tell I'm going to love it. I've been assigned to work with MSNBC's head Washington corespondent and her producer. And what a crazy day to start, so much news happened today.

While everyone was wrapped up in healthcare and the disappointing results of the Massachusetts senate race, the Supreme Court snuck in a huge decision this morning on the campaign finance reform case that has been pending for months now. In some ways this decision was like hearing the verdict on my own case, as I had spent the whole previous fall semester doing a directed research project culminating in a 30 page paper on Campaign Finance Reform, specifically this case. And what a poor ruling it if the political process didn't have enough corporate control already, elections from here on out will now be even further monetized.

After a full day of class and interning I now have a paper to write, but I'm excited because we are taking a group trip (feels more like a field trip, hello 3rd grade) to the Newseum tomorrow! I will attempt to pick up my picture taking, as I've been seriously lacking in that area this past week. Warm wishes to all my amigos in Southern California getting dumped on by mother nature, not looking forward to that storm moving east.

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  1. I have been reading your blog posts with my morning tea in London- I can't wait for the day I get to watch your coverage of Washington politics on TV and I get to say, "you should really see her in action when Jonas Brothers' Burnin' Up comes on..."