Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top Moments of SOTU

Alright so out here in DC, the State of the Union Address is probably a bigger deal than the Super Bowl.
For those of you who are lame enough to have missed it or for those of you who played the Huffington Post's SOTU Drinking Game and blacked out ten minutes in, here are my top ten favorite moments in random order...

  1. Obama calling out the Supreme Court face to face for their asinine Campaign Finance Ruling last week. The Supreme Court justice who clearly voted for it in the back row looking stupid and nodding in disproval for being called out by the big guy on national television. 
  2. Biden making all sorts of hilarious faces and gestures behind the Prez. (if you were playing the Huffington Post's drinking game you would have died from Biden alone tonight)
  3. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, showing how enthralled he was with the speech by giving a good yawn during the one close up he got. In his defense (as I am a proud Democrat and Nevadan) the poor dude is probably F'n exhausted trying to get the silly senate to not kill one another day in and day out, so just unfortunate timing on that one.
  4. Obama making promise number two to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Let's see if he follows through with that one, or we could just wait until another terrorism issue arises and everyone points fingers internally for not having enough military personnel that can translate middle eastern languages because oh wait... you fired them all for being gay. 
  5. Michelle looking classy as always and humbly accepting her husband's acknowledgement of her goal to fight childhood obesity in 2010...I love you Michelle but good luck with that one. We might have a better chance of getting Scott Brown to vote for a healthcare bill than removing the pop tarts from the greasy palms of all the wee Americans.
  6. Obama congratulating the House several times for their ability to actually pass a few bills, the job they were kind of, sort of elected to do. Obama telling the Senate to lose their egos and try to get some damn work done so he doesn't look like a fool at next year's SOTU.
  7. The entire Republican side of the room looking more like angry sculptures in a wax museum than members of congress. Obama having to remind them that they should be clapping for things he intentionally put in the speech to appease them...remember guys you're the ones that don't like taxes, yay for tax cuts! no, not even a golf clap? tough crowd...
  8. The Republican Response by a Governor (keep in mind: no federal political power whatsoever) talking like he was a distinguished member of the GOP when he has only been in office (state office) for 11 days, then pan to random Virginian crowd members like we know or care who the hell they are. 
  9. Female members of congress feeling the need to stand out like sore thumbs in all red, all blue, and all yellow the middle of winter. I'm not one to critique politicians' clothing because it undermines their responsibilities as policymakers but COME ON! If I ever wore an ALL bright red suit to work...
  10. President Obama saying that he will NOT give up on healthcare reform, something this country and millions of uninsured Americans desperately need.
Whether or not any of that will be enough to get the ball rolling on some real legislation this year is yet to be determined. Obama can give rousing call to arms speeches until he's blue in the face, but like he said: he can't do it alone. Hopefully our congress, our ELECTED representatives who were put into office by WE THE PEOPLE with real needs and problems, will be able to get over themselves and their silly little games and their power trips, put their differences aside, stop prioritizing re-election over policy making, and do what they were elected to do...I won't get my hopes up though.


  1. All great highlights from the address. Poor Harry Reid, they're going to slaughter him for one yawn, and completely ignore the multiple old Republican congressmen who were asleep (I saw at least two). Also I love Joe Biden and thought he looked strapping in his purple tie.
    My favorite was the woman in the practically neon yellow pantsuit. I mean I'm all about dressing nicely for the job but come on, that suit was so loud I could barely hear President Obama speak.

  2. 1) How come saying F*** Bush and making death threats towards Bush isn't wrong but if people criticize The Obama they are racist?
    2) Forgot to tell you I drove through your home state a few weeks ago!
    Gotta love Ely, Nevada...
    3) Obama is an unbelievable speaker, no arguments there.
    4) The Healthcare is fiscally irresponsible, it will put our generation in debt forever. If it passes, it's predicted our interest payments in 2019 will be $800 billion.
    5) Continue to blog after DC

  3. Well stated Jacquie...BTW, the Healthcare Bill may not be the best, but without sometihng, our generation won't need to worry about debt, we will all be sick or dead!

  4. This is amazing. I laughed out loud. Biden's reactions were definitely priceless. AND I totally noticed the suits they were distracting. At one point I also noticed Ruth Bader nodding off.